Uncovering Three Misconceptions About Sedation Dentistry

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For those who have fears about visiting the dentist to undergo procedures, sedation dentistry is a great option to consider. As suggested by its name, sedation dentistry uses sedatives to help patients relax as they undergo dental procedures. Different forms are utilized which can be used for both simple and complex processes. Thanks to this field in dentistry, it is now possible for those who suffer from dental anxiety to avail of the dental care services they need and deserve.

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Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions surrounding sedation dentistry that needs to be clarified. For everyone to be aware of these three misconceptions about sedation dentistry, they should not believe, we at Middletown Smile Center prepared the facts to debunk them!

Sedation will make you unconscious 

One misconception about this type of dentistry is that sedation will always put you out. However, this is not the case. Even if the patient may not remember much about the procedure, they can stay conscious the whole time. In fact, not remembering what took place is one of the advantages of being sedated. Since you will not remember the procedure, you will no longer fear the dentist.

Sedation is only given to patients with dental phobia

Sedation will be administered to you based on your needs. Just because you don’t have dental phobia, does not necessarily mean that you won’t be a candidate for sedation. Your dentist will give you a choice on whether you want to be sedated or not, and this will depend on which option will make the procedure more comfortable for you.

Sedation is an available option for all patients

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. For pregnant women, patients with certain medical conditions, and those with a high tolerance cannot undergo sedation dentistry. Typically, sedation is safe for most people that even children can avail of the said service.

Don’t let dental fear and anxiety hinder your path to achieving excellent oral health. To ease your dental procedures, Middletown Smile Center offers Sedation Dentistry in Middletown, OH. Find us at 311 N. Breiel Blvd., Middletown, OH 45042. Call us to schedule an appointment!